Since 2017, the silicone market has been met with a range of issues — from the shortage in supply, growing demand and resulting pricing pressures to uncertainly around the disruption in trade and regulatory impact.

For OEMs and suppliers, new layers of complexity have been presented across supply chains — and capacity relief is still far off.    

At Rahco Rubber, we are reminding everyone that options exist. Solutions aren’t out of reach! In fact, we see this as a moment in time to do what we do best: work closely with our customers and add real value by improving and optimizing materials that help mitigate risk and drive sustainable, competitive advantages.

Now more than ever, OEMs are tapping us to address gaps in supply chain and overall manufacturing through design enhancements, wasteless and flashless molding, advanced product quality planning, and materials offsets.

While Rahco will continue to develop and formulate silicone rubber compounds that meet specific application needs and performance requirements, we are also making our senior staff of chemists and on-site material science experts available to help identify alternatives for current material formulation while still meeting specifications.

Rahco is offering this complimentary analysis to everyone, not simply to validate material formulation but ensure all designs and components are optimized for performance, cost efficiencies, and manufacturability.

To learn more, please contact us or explore our website — including our Complimentary Testing Services and Rubber Material Selection Guide.