Material/Part Analysis

Rahco offers complimentary testing services for rubber materials and products to help enhance field performance, extend life expectancies and reduce the risk of premature failures.

Our experts fully investigate material suitability for specific applications and requirements by measuring properties and composition; conducting chemical analysis; as well as physical / mechanical testing of materials and finished products. More specifically…

  • Design evaluation including Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) to identify potential weaknesses.
  • Process analysis with suggestions for optimization, as needed.
  • Product lifespan expectancy estimates.
  • Risk assessment of potential hazards.
  • Actionable corrective advice.

With thousands of materials to evaluate and hundreds of variables to consider – from product utilization to environmental factors such as varying temperature, pressure and contaminants – expert guidance is often required to understand the nuance differences between seemingly similar options.

Validate Your Part’s Performance With This Free, No-Obligation Assessment

Not all material specifications and application requirements were optimized for durability and cost efficiency because few OEMs have the time, internal expertise, or resources to take the extra, but vital steps required.

That’s why Rahco is willing to validate the performance and failure mode of your mission-critical part free of charge. You’ll receive confirmation of your component’s optimization or recommendations that accurately align with ASTM or ISO specifications for reducing costs, improving performance, or maximizing value.

With our expert review, you could

  1. OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE: by improving durability via advanced chemistries and technical design; greater performance, higher quality, and first-time-through manufacturability.
  2. MITIGATE RISKS: by minimizing field failures, product recalls, and potential litigation charges.
  3. IMPROVE EFFICIENCIES: by eliminating waste, reducing secondary processing and making a positive impact on the environment.

Considering all the recent advancements in material science and design engineering, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this valuable offer. Fill out the short form now and we’ll contact you within one business day.