Not all companies have the necessary staff, equipment, or time required to revisit their component’s design specifications, material formulation, or processing requirements. That’s why we’re offering this no obligation, risk free evaluation of your company’s mission critical parts free of charge.

3 Potential Outcomes From Optimizing Your Component’s Design And Material Requirements

  1. BOOST SALES by offering an industry leading warranty as a differentiator and competitive advantage.
  2. IMPROVE PROFITABILITY by minimizing waste; eliminating the need for secondary processing; reducing the chances of recalls, field failures and potential litigation issues due to sub-par material and dated product design.
  3. MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE by improving finished part quality through greater manufacturability.




60,000 sq. ft. Offices, manufacturing, laboratories, and shipping & receiving. All under one roof supporting an inclusive environment.
Racho Rubber Facility 1994

Move’n On Up!

20,000 sq. ft. 35 people, 35 presses.
Racho Rubber Facility 1984

Where it All Began

5,000 sq. ft. 4 people, 7 presses.
Racho Rubber Facility 1976

The Rahco Story

Customer centric, quality focused company driven to deliver best in class products for nearly 50 years.

Beginning in 1967, we became a molder of miniature, high precision rubber components for phonograph needle and cartridge assemblies. The Anton Family founded the company it runs today.

We’ve grown from our initial 5,000 sq. ft. space to our current 60,000 sq. ft. modern facility in Des Plaines, IL just minutes from O’Hare Airport. Our mission has never changed: to be recognized as a company that provides outstanding quality with unmatched customer care.

Our success is the result of the strength of our relationships.

Rahco Rubber Group

Vidal Quintero

Since 1994

Ulbia Gallardo

Since 1986

Tomas Favela

Since 1989

Steve Anton

Since 1976

Roman Jerzewski

Since 1999

Rick Anderson

Since 1995

Pascual Adame

Since 1993

Paco Pineda

Since 1986

Nydia Albelo

Since 1998

Norberto Munoz

Since 1996

Maribel Huerta

Since 2014

Manny Soto

Since 1984

Luz Rivera

Since 2015

Lori Eyre

Since 1993

Kevin Magner

Since 1985

Juan Santillan

Since 1994

Jimmy Anton

Since 1979

Juan Diaz

Since 1998

Jack Anton

Jack Anton

Since 1986

Isabel Duarte

Since 1992

Hector Rabadan

Since 1984

Facundo Barrera

Since 1986

Eliseo Maya

Since 2006

Dave Frost

Since 2008

Brad Heck

Since 1992

Billy Anton

Since 2009

Beth Anton

Since 2011

Benito Meza

Since 1986

Alex Tarrago

Since 1995

Anna Contreras

Since 2008