OEMs and Suppliers turn to us because they know that every component is critical to maximize product performance, cost efficiencies, and manufacturability. This has been the case since the Anton Family incorporated Rahco Rubber as a molder of custom-engineered, high-precision rubber parts, components, and seals more than five decades ago.

Since then, Rahco has evolved as a best-in-class supplier and value-added partner to the nation’s most sophisticated manufacturers. We are proud of the change and growth our company has experienced — across developments to our design and engineering capabilities, material formulations and production processes to advanced tooling, technology innovations, and everything in between — to be able to provide such a vast range of parts to exacting specifications with zero defects.

Today, we continue to work as an extension of our customers’ teams to design, improve, and optimize parts that meet lifestyle demands, mitigate risk, and help build sustainable, competitive advantages.

We thought it would be fun to show a preview of what this looks like using a sampling of components Rahco produces. So, we gathered a handful of parts from our 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, walked over to Steve Anton’s office, and asked him to tell us a little about them on-camera.

All of a sudden, we were Talking Parts. Check out the first couple of episodes here or on LinkedIn where you can leave us a comment.

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