Rahco Rubber regularly invests in their people, processes, and production. Earlier this summer, Rahco purchased a top-of-the-line, CMB-2 Cryogenic Deflashing unit that mirrors its existing machine.

The CMB-2 is the most popular sized model with a 2 cubic foot basket load that handles parts as small as a dime and as large as a football. It is also optimizes for accuracy. “With 1,000 programmable recipes to choose from, we can control quality down to the most granular level with great precision” said Bill Anton, Manager of Secondary Operations.

As Rahco’s business has grown, so has its need for additional capacity. The new CMB-2 machine doubles Rahco’s deflashing throughput to maintain its steady production flow. The CMB-2 also improves operational efficiencies with shorter startups and shutdowns as well as quicker cycle times to accelerate the completion rate of finished parts. “The CMB-2 is a welcome addition to our lineup of high-performance equipment and a reflection of our commitment to continuous improvement” Bill said.