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Rahco Rubber, Inc. an ISO 9001 certified vertically integrated, manufacturer of custom engineered precision molded rubber components, a sealing solutions provider and a formulator of advanced polymer materials.

We are very proud to be a family owned and operated company and celebrating our 45th year as an American manufacturer serving 100’s of customers in many industries.

From our beginning in 1972 with three employees, four machines, in less than a 5,000 sqft work space to today with over 100 employees, nearly fifty presses, compounding machines, fully equipped Research & Development and Quality Control labs, secondary automation cells and offices in a 60,000 sqft location; we know that it is the people on the front lines that make it happen. “Our great asset and a core reason for our success is our extended family, our employees” said Steve Anton, President.

“Our workers who have gotten us here. It is impossible to measure their dedication, belief in making a positive impact and the craftsman like pride they bring every day”, Jim Anton, Vice President of Operations.

Attention to detail is essential and absolutely key to each step of our manufacturing process. “Our employees are truly vested; they are passionate about quality and own the responsibility to focus on continuous improvement opportunities. Everyone’s voice is heard when it comes to enhancing established work instructions or best practices. Additionally, there is a “mentoring effect” here at Rahco; our more “seasoned” employees will support new team members and coach them in their development” Vince Williamson, Director of Quality.

“We are extremely fortunate to have a culturally diverse work place and tenured employees. Our team’s experience, work ethics and knowledgebase can be directly correlated to our customer’s goals and expectations” Jack Anton, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

The roles of women / our Hispanic family members / general have and continue to make a big difference in our company; sharing their perspectives is tremendously important.
In their own words:

Juan Martin P. Diaz – Rahco Rubber is a company that treats its employees like family; I can honestly say this based on my own experience. I was hired in June 1998. One month later my father passed away. I informed my manager; less than 30 minutes later he called me back. He had spoken to the owners and was told to ask me if money was needed for funeral expenses. I was shocked, this was completely unheard of to me. Such a kind gesture and compassion towards a newcomer. From that moment on, I knew I was in good hands.

Rahco is a great place to work, it rewards hard workers with good compensation, paid vacations, profit sharing, annual wage increases and safety award lunches. It invests in you by sending you to trainings and classes as needed.

Lucia Gonzalez – My first year at Rahco Rubber has been a very positive experience. I was made to feel like part of the team, part of the family very quickly. My opinion is asked for by management and ownership and I feel valued. Rahco Rubber is implementing the most up to date ISO system which shows me a passion to consistently improve and that they are focused on producing the highest quality parts.

Paco Pineda – for the past 31 years, Rahco Rubber has been an important part of my life and my family’s. My hard work and dedication allowed me to take on responsibilities, grow as an individual and earn more to provide for my kids and now my 11 grandchildren.

Juan Santillan – For more than 22 years I have worked for a great company, Rahco Rubber. I was hired as their Safety Director while still attending college as an Industrial Engineering student. Soon after, I was offered a Human Resource position. Being bilingual is very important as our workforce is 85% Spanish speaking. I am living proof that as a Hispanic you can work hard and achieve the goals you dedicate yourself.

Rahco Rubber believes in training; constantly reinforcing and teaching safety programs, work processes, quality procedures and more. Rahco Rubber supports people as they grow, promoting workers to operators and operators to supervisors or technicians.

The best reason to be here at Rahco Rubber is that the owners treat you with respect, because as they always say; we are family.

Ulbia Gallardo – I am a proud Mexican immigrant with a beautiful family. I have worked at Rahco Rubber for 33 years and the journey from their humble beginnings to today has been incredible. I began as an inspector in the Final Inspection Department, in 2004 I was given the opportunity to work in the Quality Control Department where I am now the Assistant Supervisor.

Rahco’s leadership, hard working men and women, a combined dedication to quality and efficiency has helped this company become one of the finest manufactures of molded rubber parts in the world.

The Anton’s are a great family and treat all of their employees as if we are family. Rahco Rubber has given me opportunities that allow me to say that I represent the American Dream.

Manuel Soto – I have witnessed many changes during my 32 years here at Rahco Rubber and am glad to be part of its growth. Being part of a company that continuously provides training, personal opportunities and values your input means a lot.

Anna Contreras – I have been working at Rahco Rubber since 2008. I have had the pleasure of working with great leaders.

As a professional, Rahco has motivated me to continue with my education so that I can contribute with my skills and education towards the continuous improvement of the company. I have had the pleasure to work directly with Spanish speaking people and I could say that because my first language is Spanish, it allows me to communicate clearly with the operators, technicians as well as my audit team.

Working at Rahco has given me the opportunity to help support my family and also to encourage my two boys to pursue their education.

“Knowing full well that we are a better company because of the benefits that our Latino family members intrinsically carry, we welcome more to join us!” Steve Anton.

A bright future lies ahead for the Rahco Rubber and all its family members as opportunities in new industries are realized and growth at both existing and new customers increase.

Rahco’s entire team of experts and dedicated staff, its vertically integrated operations and ISO 9001 certified quality systems stand ready to support molded rubber component needs. Call on us at the outset of your project to guarantee its success or to ensure that your current molded rubber part’s material – specification -&- performance requirements are aligned.