Rahco Rubber, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has added two new Pan Stone 350-ton vacuum presses with advanced technology controls and RT systems to the production floor. The investment in new equipment enables greater production of the highest quality precision molded rubber components.

“Rahco Rubber regularly invests in their people, processes, and production,” said Shawn Durbin, Director of Manufacturing at Rahco Rubber. “The Pan Stone presses are a great value, delivering robust performance capabilities, intuitive operating systems and extended durability.”

Pan Stone Hydraulic Industries Company is a global industry leader of professional rubber injection molding machines, specializing in compression molding machines and rubber injection molding machines. It was founded by a dedicated and outstanding team of engineers who all have extensive experience in manufacturing rubber products. It produces vacuum press, molding, hydraulic, cutting and transfer molding machines, as well as punch and injection molding equipment

“We’re excited to start off 2020 with continued re-investments, which strengthen our already very robust manufacturing operations,” said Jim Anton, Rahco Rubber’s Co-owner and Vice President of Manufacturing. “Rahco continues to grow by collaborating with customers, providing the value-added engineering and technical support that ultimately creates a ‘win-win’ outcome that achieves both their performance and economic goals.”


About Rahco Rubber
Rahco Rubber, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 & 2015 Certified, vertically integrated manufacturer of custom-engineered, precision molded rubber components and sealing solutions. It formulates and optimizes advanced polymer materials, produces highly-engineered rubber parts to exacting specifications, with zero defects, and facilitates secondary operations in-house. Since 1967, Rahco has built a reputation as a best-in-class supplier and value-added partner to the nation’s most sophisticated manufacturers, OEM’s and Tier I & II suppliers. It is a family owned and operated business that embraces a customer-focused philosophy based on trust, dedication to delivering the highest quality and lean manufacturing excellence. For more information, please visit //rahco-rubber.com.
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