What’s Happening at Rahco’s HQ to Ensure it Stays a People-First, Customer-Focused, and Quality-Centric Space

Rahco Rubber started with less than five employees and seven presses in 5,000 square feet of space — an offshoot of what used to be the world’s largest producer of phonograph needles.

Today, in our current 65,000-sq-ft manufacturing facility, we celebrate over 50-years in business alongside almost 100 team members as a leading ISO 2015 certified manufacturer of molded rubber parts, components, and seals.

Our headquarters now houses more than 60 injection, compression, transfer and vacuum presses as well as offices, laboratories, shipping and receiving all under one roof.

In the last year, our team has made significant updates to our facility to ensure greater output, automation and production efficiencies, as well as sustainability enhancements — all while maintaining and continuously improving an environment that is safe, rewarding, and meaningful for our people and the culture we create together.

It is all about outstanding quality with unmatched customer care!

At Rahco, while we have been able reinvest in the success of our customers through production advancements, the latest technologies, and process improvements, we are also proud of the concrete updates we have made that include:

LED Lighting Upgrade:

Across our production hall labs, offices, and shipping center, Rahco updated all lighting with LED bulbs and technology. Upgrading to LEDs is proven to increase performance, motivate employees, and supports safety initiatives. It has also shown to use 90% less energy and last 15 times longer than traditional lighting. In addition, we also experience energy efficiencies from a window replacement project that was completed throughout the building, as well as tuckpointing.

Roof Replacement:

This complete roof replacement project, led by Rahco’s Vince Williamson and John & Casey Leslie of Roofing Solutions LLC. The entire front and back parking lots were also re-surfaced.

Implemented 6­­S:

The team adopted a six step methodology, 6S, for creating a more organized and productive workspace: Safety, Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

6S is the additional sixth pillar to the 5S methodology, which was first developed in the context of the automotive industry, and today considered an essential element of any lean manufacturing operation and focuses on improving organization and efficiency in the workplace.

Embedding 6S means more than improved organization, sustained cleaning routines, and efficient activity flows. Operators are encouraged to improve their overall work environment and reduce waste. Adherence to 6S standards is considered the foundation of ‘Total Productive Maintenance’ and creates a stable platform for continuous improvement. It encourages operators to own their workspace and instills a culture of quality, productivity, and improvement.