As we look back at the year that was and wait for the ball to drop on 2023, the team at Rahco Rubber wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for the people and partnerships we maintain, as well as our privilege supporting customers across industries who drive us and the world forward.

Check out some year-end highlights in this Rahco Review of 2022:

Celebrating 50 Years as an industry Leader

This August came with great pride and humility as we shared our 50th Anniversary! Our 50-year milestone is an accomplishment that we are all very proud of — but even more important to us is our responsibilities to our customers. We look forward to the future, preparing our third generation of family members and with continued investments in equipment, our facilities, and Team members.

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Continued Investment in Advanced End-to-End Automation, New Equipment with Process Efficiencies & Waste Reduction

Earlier in the year, Rahco added an advanced production system with state-of-the-art rubber molding equipment — with the addition of a DESMA  horizontal machine, robotics technology, and flashless-wasteless tooling that drives end-to-end manufacturing automation with significant waste reduction, improved cycle times, and manual labor efficacies.

“Today, precision molders strive for high-efficiency, error-proof production with reduced manual labor content,” said Rahco’s Steve Anton. “Our ongoing investments in equipment and strategic process improvements enables greater production of the highest quality precision molded rubber components.”

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Launching a New Video Series: Talking Parts

We gathered a handful of parts from our 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, walked into Steve Anton’s office, and asked him to tell us a little about them on-camera as a fun, impromptu way to showcase a small sample of components we make.

Check out Rahco parts that are optimized to exceed performance requirements, lifestyle demands, mitigate risk, and help build sustainable, competitive advantages for our customers.

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People-First Mentality: Our Commitment to Team

Life at Rahco Rubber is really all about our people and the culture we create together — and in 2022 we continued expanding our team with industry experienced leaders. For example, we recently welcomed Brian Mnichowicz as Manufacturing Engineer, Giovanna Gomez to our Human Resource department, and many others who make up our amazing workforce!

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Rubber and Manufacturing Insights

Today’s evolving supply chain and manufacturing trends have raised many questions and presented new challenges and opportunities for OEMs.

That’s why Rahco has made it a priority to stay on top of critical issues affecting our customers —  and we are working to connect with more leaders, join important conversations, and share updates that go beyond the headlines to provide useful insights manufacturers can use for their benefit.

This year, Rahco not only shared insights in the news, but published thought leadership and strategic insights online.

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More Customer Success — Rahco to the Rescue Case Studies

As a family business, Rahco prides itself on successful, lasting relationships with customers and employees that span decades. It is all about outstanding quality with unmatched customer care!

Designing a part for optimum manufacturability involves many considerations — and when we have the opportunity to get involved in a project in the beginning, all parties benefit.Wheth er your goals are fluid or air sealing, dampening of noise, air transfer, and beyond, we can design the system that best suits your application with economics and performance top of mind.

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Driving Greater Environmental, Economical & Social Responsibility

 Addressing environmental change is one of the greatest challenges in achieving a sustainable future. At Rahco, our commitment to the principles of sustainability is fundamental to who we are, embedded naturally in our culture of relentless pursuit of value creation for customers. Utilizing flashless mold technologies, low-waste or wasteless and energy efficient processes, we can address performance challenges and deliver higher-quality parts that are better for both the environment and our customers’ bottom lines.

Rahco was recognized for its corporate environmental Initiatives to reduce solid waste in support of ISO 14001 its objectives.

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What’s Happening at Rahco’s HQ to Ensure it Stays a People-First, Customer-Focused, and Quality-Centric Space

While we have been able reinvest in the success of our customers through production advancements, the latest technologies, and process improvements, we are also proud of the concrete updates we have made to our facility in the last year.

Improvements to our operation and facility ensure greater output, automation and production efficiencies, as well as sustainability enhancements — all while maintaining and continuously improving an environment that is safe, rewarding, and meaningful for our people and the culture we create together.

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If you’re developing new products, facing performance challenges with existing ones or concerned about the materials in your current parts and their alignment to specification — Rahco Rubber can help