Production Intent – Fast Prototyping

Why Risk It?

Your project is too important and Rahco respects that!
Yes, you need parts for testing. And yes, you want them to be production intent.
Don’t settle for anything less than the “real thing”.

Your polymer part or rubber component will most likely be exposed to compression, deflection and displacement in its real-world application.  Given that, we highly recommend and support the creation of a single cavity production intent “pull-ahead” tool to manufacture your sampling or prototype needs. This inexpensive method delivers a real rubber part that provides real test data and is absolutely the best approach when confirming the functionality of your design & preferred elastomeric material.

Fast Production Intent Sampling or Prototypes is the best answer 99.99% of the time.

A single cavity production intent “pull-ahead” tool will produce your samples and in nearly every instance save you time + money.

There is no Real in Resemble

Standard rapid prototying only offers a “representative” sample; prototype components that just resemble the look and feel are not sufficient for aggressive testing. Rahco’s proven approach delivers a real production intent component for testing from which real data can be derived.

Take the assumptions out of your rubber component testing by using the real thing. Rahco will compound your formulation and mold your production intent prototype components with the same production processes that will support your production needs.

Rahco will act as an extension of your efforts to ensure or confirm that your design will perform as engineered plus optimized for manufacturability. Flexibility in assisting our customers has and will continue to be a guiding principle of our business.

Let’s discuss how we can help. Tell us about your application needs & wants, then send over your 2D prints, 3D CAD, performance and material specifications.

Rubber Prototyping Services

  • Manufacturing Feasibility Review
  • Material Development & Optimization
  • Specification Development
  • Design and Prototype of Tooling
  • Sampling
  • First Article Report
  • Refinements to Parts and/or Materials
  • First shot Samples in as Little 14 Business Days
Prototype Injection Molding