To complement our custom mixing capabilities, Rahco also offers custom color matching.

Selecting the best color for a custom molded part can be simple, but the formulation of the material and color matching isn’t. Molding colored rubber parts requires very clean facilities. It’s the only way to yield brilliant colors and pure white compounds.

Whether you provide us with a Pantone, RAL number, or simply a sample part, we can ensure the match in production and guarantee that the color will be the same each time.

At Rahco, our quality system is aggressively structured to not only ensure a clean and orderly facility — to avoid contaminants — but that all required materials, tools and processes are designed to support our goal of superior quality, manufacturing efficiency, with batch to batch consistency. Whether the quantities are small or large, we are here to service your needs — in any color.

  • Distinguish Parts


  • Assembly Verification


  • Reinforce Brand Identity


  • Support Safety

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