Rahco’s Experience Helps Eliminate Customers Internal QC Audits

Rahco’s formulating + manufacturing experience pays BIG dividends on high performance and safety critical Primary-cups. Primary-cups create hydraulic resistance on braking systems for motorcycles, ATV, Snowmobiles. Our new formulation vastly improved chemical and UV performance, our internal compounding ensured match-to-batch consistency + quality, and our No-Waste Flashless molding process eliminated secondary processes and improved finished part quality to a best in class point where the customers internal incoming QC audits were eliminated. Nearly 3 million of Rahco’s primary cups are in service right now (I hope that they’re on your bike!).

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Rahco Prevents Recall And Warranty Actions

Customers bring us their biggest challenges. A customer experiencing field failures brought their internal critical gasket for gas caps headaches to Dr. Rahco. We examined the seals, their failure modes and developed new formulation that exceeded performance requirements while meeting economic targets which prevented recall and warranty actions. Our remedy also included moving the patient to a No-Waste Flashless molding process that eliminated secondary processes and improved finished part quality. 10 million parts later, the health of our business partner is very, very strong.

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Rahco’s Responsiveness Protects Leading OEM From Lawsuit

20″, 18″. 16″ diameter filter. Overseas is not the answer! Rahco saved the day when a leading OEM tried to offshore the most critical seal in their assembly. Rahco responded immediately and protected the customer from a class action lawsuit, stopping warranty claims in their tracks. Rahco’s chemists formulated a new compound that delivered enhanced stability when in compression and exposed to high chlorine environments.  Rahco’s In-house compounding ensured a consistent durometer, quality and improved static deflection properties and chemical resistance. 900,000 of these large diameter seals are in use today. You will never get that this kind of responsiveness and attention from a company 9,000 miles away.

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Rahco Raising Performace Bar So High Customers Can Now Offer Industry Leading Warranty

Raising the performance bar. Rahco supported their customer during a previous supplier’s quality crisis, reformulating a sub-par material to an industry changing material. Critical aeration diaphragms used in municipal water management systems were wearing out way to soon which sent maintenance costs soaring. Rahco to the rescue – a new & improved formulation was developed within 15 business days. Rahco’s material and part performs so well that it allowed our customer to offer an industry leading warranty – extending term length by 25%. Next, our VAVE focus facilitated the development of an automated micro-piercing operation that saves this customer over $50,000 annually! How about that!

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Rahco Creates An Engineering Triple play with An Odorless, Tasteless And Custom Colors for Condiment Dispensing

Rahco “knocked this one out of the park!” Rahco co-engineered a revolutionary design of a food service industry condiment dispensing valve. Our major league creativity and experience provide to be a winner in delivering a robust component that lasts millions of strokes. Rahco then formulated an NSF approved material that is both odorless & tasteless. To prevent assembly and field service errors, we molded the same part in custom colors. A triple play to clinch the series!

Rahco Creates A Fairy Tale Of Savings

The tale of the Two-Piece Assembly Structural Plumbing Seal & Fastener. Chapter I – what began as an “inherited” hot pot transfer mold from a customer struggling with quality and hurting from costs soon became a VAVE opportunity when Rahco proposed a low waste flashless mold and transfer cold pot production process! Chapter II – same customer suffering with concentricity issues of the mating plastic component; Rahco steps up again by supporting their customer’s challenges and tooling up for this plastic component. Wait it gets better! Rahco then created an automated 2-component assembly cell that saves this customer over a $100,000 on an annual basis! And they lived happily ever after.

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