At Rahco Rubber, we manufacturer custom-engineered, high-precision rubber parts, components and seals for OEMs and their suppliers.

When companies turn to us, it’s because they know that every component is critical to maximize product performance, cost efficiencies and manufacturability — from conception to commercialization.

As a family owned and operated business, Rahco prides itself on successful, lasting relationships with customers — and employees — that span decades. We embrace a customer-focused philosophy based on trust, dedication to delivering the highest quality and lean manufacturing excellence.

Since 1967, Rahco has built a reputation as a best-in-class supplier and value-added partner to the nation’s most sophisticated manufacturers, working as an extension of their staff to design, improve and optimize parts that meet lifestyle demands, mitigate risk, and help build a sustainable, competitive advantages.

Along with automated production processes, Rahco’s on-staff chemists and engineers utilize state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and resources to produce highly-engineered rubber parts to exacting specifications, with zero defects.

We accommodate short lead-times, change requests and can take on any size order as a vertically integrated, one-stop operation — with offices, manufacturing, laboratories, shipping and receiving all from our 60,00 sq ft facility — serving global companies, predominantly in: Agriculture & Irrigation, Appliance, Plumbing, Consumer Electronic, Off-Road and Power Sports, Food Service, Heavy Truck and Water Treatment & Distribution industries.

We believe our purpose is to create value. If you’re developing new products, facing performance challenges with existing ones or concerned about the materials in your current parts and their alignment to specification — Rahco Rubber can help.



60,000 sq. ft. Offices, manufacturing, laboratories, and shipping & receiving. All under one roof supporting an inclusive environment.
Racho Rubber Facility 1994

Move’n On Up!

20,000 sq. ft. 35 people, 35 presses.
Racho Rubber Facility 1984

Where it All Began

5,000 sq. ft. 4 people, 7 presses.
Racho Rubber Facility 1976

Markets Served

These are examples of work that we have done but we are not limited by any market.
Please contact us if you have any project that you are interested in starting.

Rubber Molding for Agriculture Irrigation
Agriculture Irrigation
Rubber for Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy
rubber for Appliances
rubber molding for Banking
Rubber molding for Consumer Electronic
Consumer Electronic
rubber molding for Farming
Ruber Molding for Food Service
Food Service
automotive injection molding
Heavy Truck
rubber for Marine
rubber Molding for Plumbing
rubber for Safety Products
Safety Products
Rubber for Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment