60,000 sq. ft. Offices, manufacturing, laboratories, and shipping & receiving. All under one roof supporting an inclusive environment.
Racho Rubber Facility 1994

Move’n On Up!

20,000 sq. ft. 35 people, 35 presses.
Racho Rubber Facility 1984

Where it All Began

5,000 sq. ft. 4 people, 7 presses.
Racho Rubber Facility 1976

The Rahco Story

Customer centric, quality focused company driven to deliver best in class products for nearly 50 years.

Beginning in 1967, we became a molder of miniature, high precision rubber components for phonograph needle and cartridge assemblies. The Anton Family founded the company it runs today.

We’ve grown from our initial 5,000 sq. ft. space to our current 60,000 sq. ft. modern facility in Des Plaines, IL just minutes from O’Hare Airport. Our mission has never changed: to be recognized as a company that provides outstanding quality with unmatched customer care.

Our success is the result of the strength of our relationships.

Markets Served

These are examples of work that we have done but we are not limited by any market.
Please contact us if you have any project that you are interested in starting.

Rubber Molding for Agriculture Irrigation
Agriculture Irrigation
Rubber for Alternative Energy
Alternative Energy
rubber for Appliances
rubber molding for Banking
Rubber molding for Consumer Electronic
Consumer Electronic
rubber molding for Farming
Ruber Molding for Food Service
Food Service
automotive injection molding
Heavy Truck
rubber for Marine
rubber Molding for Plumbing
rubber for Safety Products
Safety Products
Rubber for Waste Water Treatment
Waste Water Treatment