Value Added Polymer Solutions

The REP Corporation, Bartlett, Il., is the U.S. subsidiary of REP International, one of the world’s largest builder of rubber injection presses, based in Lyon, France. REP machines are known throughout the world for their rugged design, their reliability, and their unrivaled injection technology. With 50 years of experience and over 12, 000 presses installed in the world, the REP Corporation knows rubber injection molding.
The company began its U.S. operation in 1970 and has steadily grown to become the largest supplier to the market here. Managed by President Tim Graham, REP Corp provide the sales and technical support to around two hundred North-American customers. Equipped with a showroom and a spare parts store, REP Corporation also covers Canada.

The RAHCO Rubber Company has been a customer of REP Corp for over 15 years. Since that time, a particularly close relationship has grown up between the two companies, based on a shared knowledge of rubber technology and a technical exchange of information in terms of tooling, production, maintenance and process improvements. After purchasing several rubber injection molding machines and compression presses in the past years, RAHCO has recently invested in two high-tech V710 machines of the latest G10 generation.

The G10 line is branded Infinitely Smart. It is the 10th generation of REP’s injection molding machines. Equipped with the patented injection system which made REP’s success, the V710 offers a wide range of injection volumes/pressures, but mainly the possible injection up to 3,000 bars. The accurate centering of the injection unit on the mold stands for unequaled tightness and shot size accuracy warranting the quality of the molded parts.

The 3-step closing unit combines both performance and rugged design: The clamping block system allows for a large opening stroke with a displacement speed much higher than the one of telescopic systems or other complex solutions.  It needs considerably less maintenance thanks to low mechanical stress.

During the engineering phase REP focused on clean components without lubrication and low risk of wear or leakage, in order to limit expensive maintenance operations. The accuracy of the opening/closing strokes and clamping/unclamping strokes allows for the reliable degassing control, and the stability of the whole unit guarantees an optimized quality of the parting line.

Last but not least, the V710 is very ergonomic with a reduced floor space requirement and optimized working height, and it is equipped with an intuitive and user-friendly multitask interface. The operator can simultaneously display two screen pages on the big 21.5’’ touch screen (16:9) divided into two areas to set parameters, follow a trend or monitor a control.

With REP presses, RAHCO is in a position to produce zero-defect rubber parts, to save time and increase efficiency, and to conserve energy.  They can keep confident about maintenance. As a custom molder that does both compression and injection, RAHCO has found in REP a supplier that offers technical assistance and reactive support services by responding to specific requests. Choosing REP presses again, RAHCO holds all the cards to continue to produce high-quality parts and to grow further. Commenting on the recent purchase of both V710 presses, REP Corporation President Tim Graham observed: “We are proud to include, amongst our clients, such companies as RAHCO who are seeing a lot of growth and are planning more expansion. Beyond high-technology, our ability to demonstrate our sensitivity to RAHCO’s needs and to work in close collaboration with RAHCO’s team is certainly part of our exemplary customer buyer relationship”.

Only win-win projects produce total satisfaction, and both REP and RAHCO have known how to build on their complementary expertise and shared values to develop confidence and cement their relationship.

REP Corporation knows rubber injection molding

Rahco Rubber – Proud Owners of Two New V710 Presses